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Adinkra Coaster Molds feature a silicone mold in the shape of an adinkra symbol, offering reliable, accurate designs every time. The silicone molds are durable, heat and cold resistant, and reusable. Thanks to the molds, you can create unique, personalized coasters with a professional, consistent finish.

Adinkra are symbols from Ghana that represent concepts or aphorisms. Adinkra are used extensively in fabrics, logos and pottery.

DUAFE- “dua” is wood,” and “afe” is comb, so this is the wooden comb. Symbol Of Beauty And Cleanliness. 

Mold size: 4x4 inches

GYE NYAME- “Except for God,” or “I fear nobody except God,” and “the supremacy of God.”

Mold size: 5x4 inches

NEA ONNIM NO SUA A OHU: He Who Does not Know Can Know From Learning. 

Mold size: 4x4 inches


This is a silicone mold handmade for the use of resin casting & crafts. It can be reused, and has high tear-resistant and heat-resistant up to 205 degree Celsius.

**Note: Because silicone is attracts dust, there might or might not have some inevitable fine dusts on top of the surface. This will not affect the resin creation! Mold will be delivered in a clear package when sent.


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***Please understand that there might be visible imperfections as it's handmade, but it does not affect the designs & resin creations made from it, while edges may need to be domed and/or sanded.


Please send me an email if there's any problem with the


***Avoid touching the cavity (inside) as dust and/or fingerprints can adhere & transfer onto the finished resin pieces. Always keep your mold in a clean ziplock bag or equivalent. 


***Do not flame the mold for more than 2 secs when removing bubbles from resin(s) as it will affect the mold. Heat-resistant does not mean flame-proof.




By purchasing molds from this shop you are agreeing to use for personal or business use only. Replication of molds for personal or business use, or for resale is strictly prohibited

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